Structural Analysis

Are your products optimized for better Factor of Safety (FOS)?

In general, most products are over designed due to lack of predictive engineering knowledge. Over design will cost 2 to 3 times more than the original cost. On the flip side, products that are under designed can lead to reliability issues and customer dissatisfaction. Applying predictive engineering in the early stages of a products development avoids trial and error methods and allows for the product to be manufactured quicker.

Our engineers have experience in converting your requirements into boundary conditions and loads. We know how to break the assembly into small objects to optimize the problem by using FEA, good at deciding FOS for your application, element type, size, and meshing methods etc.

Understanding the requirements and converting them into adoptable loads and boundary conditions is the key to success in structural analysis. Our vast experience in FEA analysis (Static, Dynamic, Motion Simulations, etc.) will help you get your structural simulations with ease to optimize your designs and avoid premature failure.


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