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Concept Generation

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” -Albert Einstein All great achievements begin with an idea. But an idea not properly developed will remain just an idea. At Kohlex we have experience in taking ideas and building them from concept to production. We are experienced in making your ideas a [...]

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3D Modeling

"Words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself". -Mark Twain Why do you need a 3D model? Why conventional 2D drawings just isn’t enough? While 2D drawings tell the concept of the design a 3D model can bring that concept to life. 3D Modeling will allow you to visualize the parts [...]

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Product Design

"Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations". -Earl Nightingale Excellent product design requires both the practical knowledge of sound engineering and the intuitive knowledge of fulfilling people’s needs and expectations. A good design is not just a functioning part, but one that fits [...]

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GD&T Drawings

An Engineering drawing cannot be complete without GD&T. Most of the companies in United States and around the world use GD&T in their drawings. Kohlex engineers are experts in GD&T and can implement GD&T in your design and drawings. We also offer GD&T training to your Engineering, Production and Quality team members for effective [...]

Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis is a branch of materials science where the properties of materials are studied as they change with temperature. Fact: All materials/substances will respond to heat… For better product development and the ability to choose faultless material, a manufacturing study of the behavior of materials to heat is needed to determine different boundary [...]

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Structural Analysis

Are your products optimized for better Factor of Safety (FOS)? In general, most products are over designed due to lack of predictive engineering knowledge. Over design will cost 2 to 3 times more than the original cost. On the flip side, products that are under designed can lead to reliability issues and customer dissatisfaction. [...]

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Tolerance Analysis

What is Tolerance & Why is it needed? A certain amount of tolerance or allowance for a specific variation in the size and geometry of a part or feature is necessary. No process or machine is perfect! Each process or machine has its’ own variation in its repeatability and reproducibility. Every part is unique [...]

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Product Animation

Solar Mobile Tower Lighting and Private Network Solution Border Protection Surveillance Tower for Military and Home Land Security Safe & Automatic Cleaning Robot for Petroleum & Crude oil Storage Tanks How Product 3D Animations will help to make more revenue? Quick visual summary of the concept or product in [...]

Product Rendering

3D product rendering and visualization can be used to create compelling imagery to tell a story. 3D Rendering and visualization is an affordable technical way for quickly and realistically depicting products or architecture visually. When a concept is still in its early stages 3D rendering can be used to create compelling imagery to tell the [...]

Product Documentation

  In general, product documentation is something that most customers worry about after a product is manufactured and usually it is not thought about until it is too late. For any product, product documentation is one of the most important steps for your product. Kohlex has experience in designing products for mass production [...]