“Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations”.
-Earl Nightingale

Excellent product design requires both the practical knowledge of sound engineering and the intuitive knowledge of fulfilling people’s needs and expectations. A good design is not just a functioning part, but one that fits well in the market place. At Kohlex we have a professional team of engineers that will spend the time necessary to help clients not just manufacture a product, but use our practical experience to help our clients produce a product that is marketable.

We design for the best aesthetic, ergonomics, lightweight, energy efficient designs that produce less heat and require less power by following required standards like UL, cUL, IP, NEMA, IEC, ISO, ASTM, NEC, CE and others.

Kohlex engineers have hands on experience with various industries like Telecom, RF, Medical, Solar, Wind, Electronics Packaging, Agricultural, Environmental, Heavy & Structural products. Given this wealth of experience, Kohlex can add industry knowledge to new ideas.

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