Top 3 Reasons to watch this overview video

1. Learn why Fortune-500 companies outsource engineering work

2. Learn how to reduce Engineering expenses by 50%

3. Learn how to bring new products to market faster


Its never been so easy to outsource engineering work. Kohlex introduces a 3 step process to make engineering outsourcing simple, reliable and cost effective.

1. Identify the compatible Virtual Engineer to meet your requirement.

2. Sign mutual NDA and Service agreement.

3. Establish VPN, PDM and SolidWorks Licensing for you.

We provide a unique low cost product design and engineering service with virtual engineers who work remotely from our offices, but report directly to our customers.

Each engineer is equipped with a workstation computer and all required fully licensed software.  Our engineers work on short to long term product design and engineering projects.  There are no recruiting fees or set-up charges to hire an engineer through Kohlex.

Our clients typically lower their expenses by more than $50,000 per engineer. Partner with us and reduce your engineering expense this year.

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