Online marketing is all about the analytics. Any strong SEO campaign is going to be entirely built around them, and anyone at all invested in the success of their marketing campaign and the growth of their business is going to follow the numbers like it is the stock market.

The problem is that for many CEOs, analytics are little more than a series of numbers. You might have a basic understanding of them. When the lines go up something good is happening, when the numbers drop there is an area of concern. You can monitor how well what you are already doing is working, but what are you actually gaining from analyzing those website statistics?

Too many people waste their time simply looking at analytics without actually using them.

What are Page Analytics?

Analytics can be a comprehensive tool that can help you develop strategies to help gain a larger audience, find repeat customers, and improve your ROI on every SEO dollar spent. Your search engine optimization campaign is only as strong as your understanding of the analytics. But when you run your own company you don’t have a lot of additional time to become an expert in something like analytics. That is why so many people just waste their time and money looking at analytics without using them.

There are several ways that you can make more out of your website and marketing campaign analytics. Working with an SEO expert can put the task of interpreting the analytics in someone else’s court, and provide you with access to expert analysis at every turn. But if you are interested in keeping that job for yourself, then you may actually be surprised to learn how easily you can grasp the basics of analytics.

Analytics simply give you data regarding your website usage, including who is visiting, when, why, and what they are doing once they are there. Of these factors, the most important is knowing who is coming and why. Once you know this, you can start to manipulate your offerings to help push them towards what you want.

Breaking down site traffic data and website stats can give you a whole world of insight into what is actually happening on your webpage. Something as fundamental as the placement of buttons could be disrupting your website’s call to action. Working with on site web analytics can identify problem areas, giving you the tools to fix the issue and improve revenue.

The entire point of analytics is to get you the information you need to better understand how your potential customers are acting online, and give you the insight to know how you can capitalize off that behavior. This means finding out which online campaigns bring the most traffic, and which ones bring the most conversions. Analytics analysis breaks that down and puts the information in your hand.

Looking at this information and gaining this understanding is great, but it is only half the job. The next step is actually putting your knowledge into practice and doing something about it. To make the most out of your analytics you need to follow through. Don’t just watch the trends. Act on them!