Frequently asked Questions

Q1. Can I be involved during the interview process? If a Kohlex Engineer doesn’t work out what should I expect?

A. It is out intentions to have you be involved during the interview process as much as possible. If for some reason there is an expectation that is not met we will work with you until we find a match that is.

Q2. What hours should I expect my Kohlex Engineer to work?

A. Your Kohlex Engineers will work whatever hours that you believe will make the most sense for your company. Our experience with most of our customers tells us that having some overlap time between mornings (US Based) and evenings allows for 24/7 design capabilities.

Q3. How do we get started with Kohlex?

A. Kohlex can have a new customer up and running through our encrypted data centers in 3 hours in most cases. Customers have the ability to access their secure data through their assigned vault 24 hrs per day.

Q4. Who owns the IP and patents for designs that Kohlex has worked on?

A. All IP and patents belong to the customer. Kohlex Engineers work hard to point out design ideas or changes that will help to obtain patent protection for our customers

Q5. What happens if we are not satisfied with our Kohlex Engineer?

A. Kohlex goes through an extensive video interview process to help us get to the best possible candidate. We realize this is not always possible through video. In the event that changes need to be made we will work to make sure we exceed your expectations.

Q6. Who is responsible for the software, computer hardware, data-center and other ancillary cost for Kohlex Engineers?

A. Kohlex is responsible for all software, computer hardware and data-center expenditures. There are zero hidden fees when you sign up with Kohlex, ZERO.

Q7. What processes does Kohlex adhere to to make sure projects are on track and deadlines and deliverables will be met?

A. Kohlex adheres to using Scrum approach for the project management. Each sprint is planned as a step in a larger process, allowing team members to identify problems and set short-term deadlines in order to create efficient, effective solutions.

Q8. What experience can I expect from my senior Kohlex Engineers.

A. All Kohlex Engineers are college graduates with 5-7 years experience in their product specialty. We also offer Draftsman with 3-5 years at a discounted rate.

Q9. Can Kohlex Engineers come to the US and stay for an extended period of time?

A. Many of our Engineers have B1 visa and can travel to and stay for extended periods of time.

Q10. What can I expect from my Kohlex Engineer from a work product standpoint?

A. Kohlex Engineers have the ability to help grow your business by other means beyond 3D modeling. With prolific experience in other practices such as movie quality animations, website development, photo simulations and prototyping to prove concept designs before final approval.

Q11. What is the ideal position and placement for my Kohlex Engineer to be as constructive as possible?

A. At Kohlex we believe that the best scenario for continued productivity is to work directly with your existing Engineering department on a regular basis.

Q12. What is the Kohlex Engineer to customer ratio?

A. We do not timeshare our Engineers they are dedicated to your company and only your company. We have discovered that over time your Kohlex Engineer becomes very loyal and learns the intricacies of your everyday business